Whether your scalp is filled with dandruff or feels dehydrated and itchy, Derocs's anti-dandruff shampoo for normal to dry hair or normal to oily hair eliminating your dandruff while giving your scalp sebum protection, soothing action and bacterial control. With a 6 week anti-relapse cycle, this product is the best dandruff removal and prevention shampoo.

Oily Hair

Dercos 's oil control treatment shampoo reduces the excess of sebum on the scalp, leaving your hair lighter, less oily and easier to manage.

Dry Hair Damage

With nutri-reparative shampoo, a gentle wash for dry hair repairs and forifies the hair from root to end. Being a compliment to shampoo, with anti-dryness action, nourishment and reparation. Formulated to restore hair to exceptional shine and softness.

Dry Skin

Simple hydration is no longer enough, woman are seeking maximum body care results and in order to get benefits such as firmness, smoothness, harmonized skin tone and long-lasting effects, Vichy has innovated our ideal body skin care line of products.



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