Chapter 5: How Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive can improve sensitive skin

If you’re looking to take the first step on your journey towards decreasing your skin’s sensitivity, Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive can help. But don’t just take our word for it - read on find out what sensitive skin sufferers had to say about the latest product in the newest range from France’s leading skincare experts.

What’s so special about Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive’s product formulation?

We already know that when it comes to alleviating the signs of sensitive skin, proper hydration is crucial to help compensate for skin’s weakened barrier function. Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive contains a cocktail of gentle, soothing ingredients and can hydrate skin for up to 48 hours. Shea butter and hyaluronic acid - which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water - provide intense hydration, while vitamin B3 helps soothe signs of irritation. The product’s thick, creamy texture glides on without feeling greasy, absorbing quickly to lock in moisture all day long. Finally, Aqualia Extrasensitive’s gentle fragrance won’t upset delicate skin, with over 80% of test subjects stating they liked the product’s perfumed formula.[1]

So, how will this help my sensitive skin?

As well as providing long-lasting hydration, Aqualia Extrasensitive has been specifically formulated to be well tolerated by stressed skin. Studies have shown that sensitive skin is much more likely to feel tight or uncomfortable than non-sensitive skin, as well as being more likely to experience sensations of ‘burning’ or problems linked to redness.[2] Aqualia Extrasensitive’s hypoallergenic formula doesn’t contain parabens, alcohol[3], with the product packaged in a hermetically sealed pump bottle to help protect formula integrity. Result? Skin is calmed, soothed and given long-term hydration - meaning better overall protection from negative external factors.[4]

OK, sounds great - but what did our test subjects have to say about Aqualia Extrasensitive?

After undergoing over 100 formulations to obtain the perfect combination of hydrating ingredients, we tested Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive on 46 women aged between 21 and 63, all of whom described their skin as sensitive. Participants were extremely impressed with Aqualia Extrasensitive’s initial effects on skin, with 92% reporting more comfortable skin and 98% reporting reduced tingling immediately after using the product for the first time.

Including Vichy Aqualia Extrasensitive in your daily sensitive skincare regime won’t only help from the get-go (although it does that too, with more than 60% of users reporting satisfaction with the product after only one day): the product also encourages skin to maximise moisture retention up to 48 hours after the first application. Participants also noted that skin continued to feel soothed even two days after tests concluded. What’s more, Aqualia Extrasensitive’s benefits are just as remarkable across the long-term, with 91% of users saying they wanted to continue using the product after four weeks. All in all, pretty impressive. Now, who said sensitive skin can’t enjoy the best the beauty world has to offer? Definitely not us.

[1] Tested under dermatological conditions : 47 women over 4 weeks

[2] Sensi survey (March 2013) Conducted in 7 countries incl. China, India, Brazil, US, UK,France, Japan

[3] Does not contain ethanol.

[4] Self-assessment questionnaire, 47 women over 4 weeks (clinical test performed under dermatological conditions).